Women's Ministry

Because of the world's distorted influences, it's harder today than ever before for women to know their true value and life calling. Our culture has warped the idea of what a woman should look like, how they should act, how they should parent, and even whether they should work or "just" stay home with the kids. Women need to be encouraged to ignore the lies the world is telling them and to be reminded of who God has called them to be. 

Our Women's Ministry mission is to care, encourage, and listen to the needs of each and every woman that walks through our doors. We meet regularly for holiday parties, Bible studies, or other special activities and invite every woman to come and be ministered to regardless of their background or the situations that they face.  

To honor those who are immunocompromised, our seniors, and anyone else who is unable to attend during this difficult time, we will be postponing our Ladies Bible Study to a later date. Since this Bible study covers such important topics and builds upon each lesson week-to-week, we feel we'd be doing our ladies a disservice to try and continue it. Thank you.


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